I am an abstract action painter using several different mark-making techniques, mostly drips, scratches, splashes and scrapes. I generally work with acrylic on canvas but I sometimes also add other materials like ink, varnish, lemon juice and green tea to get more visual texture.               

My technique explores the tension between control and happy accident. I’m really into colour and I currently like neutrals with a pop of bright flourescents or ice-cream colours. This palette comes from casual observations, mostly of my environment, walks around London and the commute to Bow where I have my studio. But the colours also reference some of my other interests, including: antique textiles, and vintage design, particularly the Art Deco era. 

I love dirty dusty scraped walls, greasy oil slicks, faded flaking paint, building sites and all the rubbish they generate, also  those sprayed hierogliphics & numbers on the pavement that serve some mundane but mysterious purpose, I love the way flowers and weeds spew their colour out through all this, I love their fragility and toughness. These loose, fleeting glimpses are deconstructed and spat back out, all mixed together. I like to show energy, mood or essence.  

For many years nature was my subject matter. I used a drip technique that I’d developed over a long period, through trial and error. This has been an important step in the evolution of my language as an artist  My current body of work marks the jump from representational to abstract. 

It’s all about the breaking of the old to give way to something new. It’s like the energy of spring, when everything bursts through, almost violently. For the new to come through, the old must be cracked open or, in some cases it must entirely disintegrate. This is the cycle of life. I personally came through some very big and difficult life events in the years leading up to the pandemic, so I feel as though my old life has been deconstructed to make way for a new one. I feel that this is mirrored in my work. The excitement of new beginnings and the energy of spring. The drips and splashes hint at movement, growth, particles swirling around or atoms bashing into each other. 

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